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Rank a Brand is built by and for consumers, and our team of brand watchers is the heart of the organization. This group makes sure all the brands we have ranked have up-to-date scores on our website. On a voluntary basis, they search through brands' websites to find the answers to our questions. Would you like to join us and be a brand watcher too?

- Would you like to join a growing consumer movement?
- Do you want to influence brands' sustainability?
- Do you want to give your professional and research skills a boost?

If the answer to any of these is a resounding 'Yes!', then let us know via the contact form and we'll get in touch.

The requirements
To be an effective brand watcher, you need to be able to un-pick complex English-language reports, which means we look for people who are fluent (or almost fluent) in English, and either have or are working towards at least a Bachelor's degree.

Requirements at a glance:
- Bachelor's degree (or equivalent)
- Strong grasp of English (especially reading)
- Passion for sustainability
- At least 8 hours a week of availability online

  • Food & beverages
    Restaurant chains
    Beer brands
    Chocolate brands
    Coffee brands
    Tea brands
    Bananas & Pineapple
    Shoes & footwear
    Chips crisps
    Casual clothing
    Denim & jeans
    Luxury brands
    Baby and children clothing
    Lingerie & underwear
    Sport & outdoor - clothing & shoes
    Sport & outdoor clothing
    Surf, beach & swimwear
    Premium brands
    Body care
    Fashion, Clothing & Shoes
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